Tuesday, 21 July 2015

GG July

How on earth does it happen. On Jamuary 1st I started off the year working on a respectable five projects. I have finished several of those since them so how can it possibly be that I am now working on 14. Are they breeding behind my back? Is someone sneaking them into the pile? I suspect those cheeky kittens who,live outside the back door have something to do with it. Anyway, my GG projects for this month are 1. Flower power. This as you will know is a chart gifted to me many years ago. I am progressing slowly and am hoping to finish at least the first foxglove by Christmas .
The second is Hertz which is part of a SAL. The fabric for this was gifted to me
The third is my TW castle which is to be a present for my grandson for Christmas. This is now almost finished with just a small amount of backstitching to do, washing, lacing and framing so hopefully you will see it in all its glory soon
The final picture isn't cross stitch it is a gift. It's a hat, scarf and mitts for one of my daughters. We have decided that the main part of gifting this year will be handmade so we are all working hard at creating all sorts of things
Have a good month and I look forward to seeing what the others have achieved.