Friday, 27 February 2015

February flower and a finish

I can't believe how quickly this month has flown by. The weather is still very cold although thankfully snow has evaded us. We did have horrendous thunder on Sunday. So bad that it actually set my surge protector off on the computers and fish tank. Thank goodness for modern technology. This month I finally finished the January Flower of the Month which was my fifth finish this year.
I managed to start the February flower which is violets.
Hopefully March will be a little kinder and the daffodils and tulips will decide to flower

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Kay's February GG Update

How quickly the past month has gone but at least the snowdrops have now made an appearance and the bulbs in my planters outside the front door are popping up so hopefully Spring is on the way. I had three projects for this Sal last month which has now turned into four. 1. Spanish Rouge by Sampler Cove. I have now finished page 9 and into 10 so hopefully a finish sometime this year
2. Flower Power. This one grows steadily as you can see
3. Hungarian sampler
4. The final one is to be a Christmas present so a finish is a must. It's The Castle by Theresa Wentzler.
Looking forward to seeing what the others have achieved. Happy stitching

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Secret stitching Sweetheart

This is something dreamt up by Jo of Serendipitiousstitching.blogspot.comWe were asked to provide a Valentine stitching pic which would then be sent to another participant. On Valentine's Day we were then to blog hop around the list of people taking part and find ours. This is the gorgeous picture I've been sent. I think it's lovely because it's original.
I'm off now to find my heart. Thank you to the stitcher of my lovely heart and Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you had loads of chocolates and red roses.

Friday, 6 February 2015

WIPapocalypse Feb. Update

This is my second post for this particular SAL. The topic for this month is How do you overcome that rut you are in with a particular project? My answer is that I just put it to one side, either to stitch on as soon as I get the urge or its transported to the "Sometime" box. January I had five projects for this SAL 1. A charity square of a kite - finished 2. Rockin around the Christmas tree - finished 3. Heide by Thea Govourneur - finished 4. TW English Sampler Garden. I didn't do as much as I would have liked with this one. I'm working on the stitches on the border and corners. The corner medallions were finished apart from bearing and I've got as far as the fans which take forever
5. Flower Power - this was a new start and I was pleased with the amount I managed to get done.
I also managed to finish a SAL piece left over from last year called Hertz. Pictures of the finished works are in a previous blog if you'd like to take a peek. This month my five pieces are 1. Flower Power - see how much more of the rudbeckias I can do. 2. TW The Castle
3. St Sylvestre by Long Dog. I started this one about a week into January and it's coming along nicely
4 is Spanish Rouge by Sampler Cove. I'm hoping to finish this one sometime this year
5 is Tulips by Kathy Bungard of Gracewood Stitches. This was an unfinished SAL from 2 years ago so well verdue for a finish.
Thank you to all those who commented on my list last month. It is much appreciated. Sorry for not contacting you to thank you. I Don't know yet how to do that. Perhaps someone can instruct me! Till next month. Happy stitching