Friday, 30 January 2015

Flowers, SALs and a bit of everything

Today is the day I get up to date with those pieces that I haven't covered in previous blogs this month. My first update is for the Flower of the month SAL. Carnation is for January and I've been working it into my rotation. I never imagined that I could finish it this month and, of course, I havent. However it's coming alng nicely and I'm hoping that by the end of February I will have gone into the February flower. I'm stitching these flowers on odd pieces of fabric that I have lying around as I intend to make the, into cushions when they're all finished.
The second and third updates are from SALs I am involved in in a Yahoo group. The first is a Hungarian sampler by Palko
The second is Scandinavian Red and White Sampler by Jan Eaton if Tom Pudding Designs
The weather here in the UK is cold, grey, wet and dreary so here's hoping I can get a lot more stitching done over the weekend. I've already got 4 finishes under my belt this month so I'm feeling pretty good. Pics can be seen in a previous blog entry. That's it for now. See you next week

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Four finishes

Its nearly the end of January and I've managed four finishes. The first was a SAL I started in December called Rockin around the Christmas tree by Susanne Taude
The second was a charity square K for kite
The third was a very long standing Thea Govourneur called Heide which I lov
ed despite it being a hand drawn chart And finally, the fourth is Hertz which I managed to finish
U Next blog will be my progress in the TW SAL. Until then ...

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness 1.

I have three pieces that fall into this category for January.

The first is Flower Power. The chart and some of the threads were RAK'd to me a few years ago.  I've not until now been able to stitch it as it requires a huge piece of fabric which I didn't possess. The fates must have been watching because a couple of ,months ago I picked up two separate metres of fabric. So voila, it has now been started .

No two is a SAL I have started on a lovely piece of opalescent fabric which came in a Christmas Exchange a couple of years ago. It's a Hungarian sampler by

The last is Spanish  Rouge by Sampler Cove. Both the chart and threads were a present from my internet daughter Mel Hicks.

I love all three pieces and I hope you do too.

Pictures are under.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Another finish, another start

it's not yet half way through January and I have another finish. Okay it's only that quilt square but every one counts, or at least that's what I tell myself. Pictures at the end of the blog as usual. Still can't get them aligned properly.

I started a new SAL as well last week. This one with a Yahoo group of which I'm a member. It's called Hungarian Sampler by Palko. It is a free one and can be found on Pininterest if you put in her name. It's in Hungarian but can be translated (sort of). I've finished the first part and am waiting to receive the second one.

The replacement WIP is Spanish Rouge by Sampler Cove (third picture ). I started this last year as a two year project and hope this will be a finish this year.

The weather here is dreadful. It's alternating between cold and not so cold with rain and wind so outside venturing is a quick dash in and out. To crown it all I've got raging toothache but have managed to get an spot on Thursday so hopefully they may be able to do something.

Thursday is also my Gifted Gorgeousness report day. So till then .......

Monday, 5 January 2015

WIPocolypse 2015

This is the first time I have joined this SAL so here's hoping it will be a successful year. Having reached old age it's time I finally finished some of those long lost WIPs that have been languishing at the bottom of boxes in the spare room. Although I'm retired I spend a lot of my time with my husband growing fruit and veg for ourselves and our three girls and families so my stitching time is usually in between times during the day and evening.

I've picked out about two dozen pieces for this year. Mostly for finishing, but a few starts of pieces I've been longing to do for ages.

For January I picked five  and a couple to add in when any were finished. I'll put pictures at the end of this blog as for some reason I can't get them to go where I want them to between the words.

The first is an alphabet square for a charity quilt. This should be finished quickly. There isn't a picture as yet as I was only sent a copy of the chart.

So the first picture will be of TW English Sampler Garden. I've finished the cross stitch and now starting on the infill, commencing with the medallions and the border.

The second picture is a new start Flower Power by Crossed Wing. It's a picture of the finished piece and I'll be showing how far I've done in the next update.

The next is Heide by Thea Governeur which I am hoping to be able to finish soon. It's only a small one but the chart is hand drawn and not all that easy to read.

The last is Rockin around the Christmas Tree by Susanne Taude which was an exclusive for the group i belong  to. This is now finished and I shall be starting St Sylvestre by Long Dog shortly to replace it in my rotation.

I hope you like my pieces. I look forward to seeing yours.

2014 finishes

I realised yesterday that I hadn't actually posted pictures of the rest of my finishes for 2014. My picture adding skills are, unfortunately, pathetic to say the least. So I'm adding the rest below this message. They started out with titles that appear to have disappeared so they are Mask ofColours by HAED, Hertz, a Sal I did in a Yahoo group, and a blackwork SAL by Broderie Bresseuse done in a Facebook group

Sunday, 4 January 2015

It's 2015

Well, last years resolutions to write more blogs was an abject disaster but who knows, This year could well be better.

Last year turned out to be not too bad. Health wise not much has changed. Getting older and bits and pieces are beginning to wear so it's now a question of just plodding on.

The veg garden produced its usual bumper crop with both freezers now full and root veg either still. In the ground or stored. Looks like the supermarket won't be doing too well from me again😎.

We did manage to get away in October. Crete this time which is a lovely friendly island. Didn't do any excursions. The travel companies seem to be charging more and more so it's better to get trips from local agencies usually. We used the local buses to get about and managed to tour quite a lot of the South of the island that way. The rest of the time we spent in local tavernas watching the world go by. That's the life.

On the stitching front I managed to finish Mask of Colours, my longstanding HAED and Angie Designers Sweet Flowers .  Picture below.  I also managed to complete a couple of charity quilt squares, some bookmarks, ornaments and a couple of cards.

This year I've signed up to several Sals. Mearis WIPApocolypsis, A TW one, Long Dog plus another for stitching charts, fabric threads, etc that have gifted to you or are to be gifted by you. All the pieces
I'm planning are also in Mearis SAL so will be able to be seen there. My first update is tomorrow so I'll be showing them all there.

Until then ......