Sunday, 4 January 2015

It's 2015

Well, last years resolutions to write more blogs was an abject disaster but who knows, This year could well be better.

Last year turned out to be not too bad. Health wise not much has changed. Getting older and bits and pieces are beginning to wear so it's now a question of just plodding on.

The veg garden produced its usual bumper crop with both freezers now full and root veg either still. In the ground or stored. Looks like the supermarket won't be doing too well from me again😎.

We did manage to get away in October. Crete this time which is a lovely friendly island. Didn't do any excursions. The travel companies seem to be charging more and more so it's better to get trips from local agencies usually. We used the local buses to get about and managed to tour quite a lot of the South of the island that way. The rest of the time we spent in local tavernas watching the world go by. That's the life.

On the stitching front I managed to finish Mask of Colours, my longstanding HAED and Angie Designers Sweet Flowers .  Picture below.  I also managed to complete a couple of charity quilt squares, some bookmarks, ornaments and a couple of cards.

This year I've signed up to several Sals. Mearis WIPApocolypsis, A TW one, Long Dog plus another for stitching charts, fabric threads, etc that have gifted to you or are to be gifted by you. All the pieces
I'm planning are also in Mearis SAL so will be able to be seen there. My first update is tomorrow so I'll be showing them all there.

Until then ......


  1. Will you post a picture of Mask of Colors? PLLEEEAAASSE? Pretty Please?

  2. I will sort it out tomorrow and take a pic for you Carla.

  3. How wonderful to have a freezer full of fresh vegetables! I am trying to get a little home garden started too. This past year I had some tomatoes, okra, and peppers. Right now I have some greens growing. I am planning on expanding my spring planting to include some more stuff. ;o)

    Your cross stitch piece is lovely!

  4. Gorgeous project! I will be looking forward to seeing your projects over the year. x