Friday, 30 January 2015

Flowers, SALs and a bit of everything

Today is the day I get up to date with those pieces that I haven't covered in previous blogs this month. My first update is for the Flower of the month SAL. Carnation is for January and I've been working it into my rotation. I never imagined that I could finish it this month and, of course, I havent. However it's coming alng nicely and I'm hoping that by the end of February I will have gone into the February flower. I'm stitching these flowers on odd pieces of fabric that I have lying around as I intend to make the, into cushions when they're all finished.
The second and third updates are from SALs I am involved in in a Yahoo group. The first is a Hungarian sampler by Palko
The second is Scandinavian Red and White Sampler by Jan Eaton if Tom Pudding Designs
The weather here in the UK is cold, grey, wet and dreary so here's hoping I can get a lot more stitching done over the weekend. I've already got 4 finishes under my belt this month so I'm feeling pretty good. Pics can be seen in a previous blog entry. That's it for now. See you next week


  1. I seriously want to search for and view the Palko and Jan Easton stuff, but....maybe I'll save that for the special day when I need to look at pretty things and I haven't any money to spend :D They are gorgeous! I love your flowers of the month as well, mine are bookmarks so I get fast finish satisfaction.

  2. Nice updates
    Thats all so i good idea to make a cushion of the flower of the month
    Love love the finish from thea gouverneur :)
    Look forward to see your next finishes
    Wish you a lovely weekend with a lot of stitching hours

  3. What a lovely fabric younused for your Hungarian sampler! Really nice patterns and colors. Congrats on your flower of the Monte looks like your work on it is going really well. I am a bit jealous ;)

  4. You've got some lovely different projects on the go!

  5. Great projects you are working on.

  6. Three great projects. I love the thread you are using for the Tom Pudding SAL.