Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Its officially Spring

so its time I did actually start this blog. 
The weather has been great so far although cold at night so at least we can get on with sowing seeds and getting the garden ready to plant veggies.

On the stitching front I've almost finished Hilary's Cats (picture to come soon) and the three SALs that I'm doing are progressing well.

1. Angie's Sweet Flowers.  This is Part 1.  The original is pretty monocoloured so I thought I'd jazz it up a bit.  Its stitched in Carries threads. 

2. Windows a SAL on the Sticklounge group.  This is up to Part 3, stitched mainly in DMC.

3. Tribute to Ackworth also a Sticklounge SAL.  I think this is my favourite.  Its stitched on a hand dyed called African Daisy in DD Illawong and Desert Plum.

and the fourth is Mask of Colours by HAED but pic will also be coming later.


  1. Your Angie's Flowers is definitely more lluring than the monochrome versions I've seen. I'm actually interested in following this project now! I want to see how you progress with this :)

    Windows looks totally fabulous - I love the technique/illusion used here!

    Love the colours in Tribute to Ackworth! Such warm earthy tones!

  2. Wonderful stitching! Welcome to blogland! Will follow what you've been doing! Thanks for sharing your progress!

    Melissa J.