Sunday, 10 June 2012

Time for an update

I really have slacked these past few weeks.  On the health front yet another change of medication seems to have helped the situation.  I've had a heart monitor check done for a few days and my next appointment will be with a cardiologist on 4th July so hopefully then things will be sorted finally.

On the stitching front I seem to have managed to do quite a bit.  I finished Angie's Sweet flowers on time and am now starting Part 4.  Its beginning to look quite colourful and I'm pleased with the result.
For StitchingHangout May was a purple month and so I worked on Cirque des Cercles.  I didn't finish as much as I wanted to but at least it seems to be progressing albeit slowly.
The second Angie SAL via Sticklounge is Fleur and Papillon.  I've finished Part 2 of this which I'm hoping to frame as a companion piece to Sweet Flowers eventually.
As an end of May update on my HAED Mask of Colours I didn't do very well at all.  I was hoping to get a good portion of Part 10 done but alas.  Better luck this month I hope
Tribute to Ackworth, another Sticklounge SAL fared better and I'm now well up to date with this one which is now half way.
Windows by Kelly Searle, my final Sticklounge SAL is gradually catching up.  I love the vibrancy of this one and am looking forward to finishing it and getting it up on the wall.
Finally, on the stitching front is DOS a SAL on Friendly Stitchers.  I finally finished Part 2 although I still have a bit of infill between the medallions.  Now onto Part 3 and the drawn thread part.  Not sure at the moment whether I will use ribbon or not.  Decisions decisions.
Finally, I received a RAK from Deb Hay, this lovely chart which I look forward to stitching in the not too distant future.
The garden is slowly taking place and we've been planting up the front garden (our project for this year).  Tomatoes are planted as are aubergines and peppers.  Hopefully the melons will go in soon.  Outside the rain has literally stopped things and at the moment its a case of dodging the showers so hopefully there will be a break next week so we can get the sprouts and cannellini beans in.

Thats it for now.  Have a good week


  1. Love all the stitching progress it's nice to see them unfold

  2. Love all your wips, especially the HAED, great colours!

  3. love all of your stitchy projects you have on the go at the mo ... glad to hear things are on the mend (paws crossed ) and I hope the rain has stopped long enough for you to get some planting done :) love mouse xxxxx

  4. You've got some very pretty projects there. Great progress and can't wait to see them finished and hung up! Hugs, Chris

  5. All your stitchy projects looks so lovely!

  6. I know I am way behind but your stitching is coming along beautifully. Is there any more progress to show?