Sunday, 7 June 2015

WIPApocalyse June

I haven't managed this the last couple of months but was determined to post something this time. This months question was whether your stitching was more productive in winter or summer. Personally it doesn't make any difference to me. I stitch every lunch time, for an hour or so before getting the evening meal and again in the evenings until bedtime. It's easier in summer because it's warmer but that is the only difference. Now onto stitching. My WIPs list gets ever longer although I did finish the Hungarian sampler and the EMS violets in May. Pictures are in the previous blog. Having said that I started three more SALs. I shouldn't have. I said I wouldn't but I'm afraid my willpower seemed non existent. I've picked a few that I've stitched on recently to show. The first is wildflower heart which is a SAL. It's stitched on a very pretty light raspberry fabric over one but seems to be taking shape very slowly
The second is Tom Pudding Scandinavian red and white sampler which is another SAL
And the third is St Sylvestre which I am stitching with the Long Dog group
Hope you have a good month stitching and enjoying the summer weather.


  1. The colors in all your pieces are fantastic. And I spy a little daffodil in the wildflower heart, yay! :D

  2. Congrats on your finishes! The Hungarian Sampler is just lovely with the purples. I love your wildflower heart, and St. Sylvestre is one of my favorites. They're all coming along!

  3. Beautiful progress on everything! Where do you join all these SALs? :)

  4. I love almost all the pieces you stitch which is a rarity because I have a different taste.
    I love the wildflower heart and Tom Pudding Scandinavian red and white sampler .
    Is there a way I can join these SALs now ? ;)

  5. For those who have asked about the SALs the heart and the Scandinavian are done with a German Yahoo group that I belong to. Unfortunately there are limited numbers and I don't think that the owners are taking any more members at the moment.
    The Scandinavian piece by Tom Pudding is a freebie that you can find and download easily.
    I also belong to the Long Dog Facebook group and The Stitchalong on Facebook who run regular SALs and would be delighted to have more members. Another group that is running a very long time SAL is The Samplerlife group both on Yahoo and Facebook. To join this you would have to contact Ina, the owner but she is always willing and helpful.
    Look forward to seeing you in some of the groups soon,

  6. Beautiful stitching! And I don't blame you for joining these SALs, I would have had a hard time saying no too :)

  7. You are a true SAL addict! I love the wild flowers design, it's going to be really beautiful.
    I also like the colours you've chosen for the Tom Pudding.

  8. Awesome progress! Congratulations! I love St Sylvestre the colors are just perfect!