Sunday, 29 April 2012

Another wet and windy Sunday

Well, this week has been wetter than last and today its been howling a gale so much that lots of the trees have been stripped of their new leaves.  Is everyone sure that its the end of April and not November?

First up I haven't done much outdoor picture taking but have kept indoors out of the worst of the weather.  I did however, rush out and pick these

They are a member of the cuckoo pint (arum) family and their name??? commonly called The Mouse Plant.  Remind you of anyone????

The best thing thats happened this week has been that we've dug our first new potatoes.  We grow them early in one of our polytunnels but this year was the earliest we have ever dug them 28th April.  They were scrumptious and No, I didn't wash the dirt off them before I took the pic.

On the stitching front I haven't finished any of the SAL parts this week.  They are all in various stages of being worked on.  However as its the end of the month I have taken pictures of two of my long lasting WIPs that I have been working on.  First up is Mask of Colours, a HAED piece.  I've just started page 10 now so only 14 more to go:((

Secondly is a Mystic Stitch one called Vin de Provence.  I'm only on page 3 but then there's only 15 pages in total.

This week I'm hoping to finish at least a part of one SAL and work on the others.  In the meantime have a good May Day.


  1. Lovely updates!! And congrats on the new potatoes coming up early.

  2. Those potatoes look so tastety I have been growing tomatoes with mixed success

  3. Your WIPs are looking great Kay!

  4. Wow all your projects looks amazing! Love the flowers, very different!


  5. Awww that flower looks sooo cute! Potatoes just out of the ground yummmm .....

    {pause while Mel wipes drool off the laptop}

    Mask is coming along wonderfully! I love all of the colours and the richness in this one!

    Vin is such a good foil to it, very pastel and serene :) Both are coming along .... dare I say .... swimmingly :D

  6. Great update! How wonderful to have potatoes already! I miss having a garden. I think we could still get in some tomatoes and maybe a couple of other things as well. We'll see. Your stitching looks wonderful. I always like seeing what everyone else is working on.