Sunday, 8 April 2012

Its Easter - and another Sunday

To start off this week I've finished Tribute to Ackworth Part 6.  This is a SAL from the Sticklounge Yahoo group designed by Luv2stitchDesigns.  This last part was a quick stitch so I finished it in a few days. 

My next finish for this week was Section 2 of Angie's design Sweet Flowers.  This was a sign up from her blog and is a monocolour sampler that I have changed to multi colour.  The next part is due out shortly and I'm looking forward to stitchin g on that.

My third finish (if you can call a Part a finish) was Part 5 of Windows by Kelly Searle (also a Sticklounge SAL) it can be seen in its entirety at  I've just started Patrt 6 and this one now introduces a burst of other colours.  Watch this space for pics.

This weeks pictures of our grounds is the walkway that goes down beside my tunnel.  It hasn't yet been planted up with daffodils (I love daffodils) but will be hopefully over the next couple of years.

This week I've had my daughter and grandson down for a few days so life has been somewhat hectic but they have now gone back home as her husband has arrived for a few days before going back to work in London.

I wish you all a Happy Easter.

Until next week - have a great time


  1. oooo you have been busy with the stitching .... love how you are doing the one from angie :)
    I bet it will look gorgeous with the daffs there
    and can't wait to see those photos heheheh
    love mouse xxxxx

  2. What wonderful progress you have made! They are all so lovely! Can't wait to see those sunny yellow flowers in your garden! Thanks for sharing!

    Melissa J.

  3. Wonderful stitching. Love the way sweet flowers looks

  4. You seem to be making great progress and they look fab!

  5. Lots to look at, Kay. And it all looks good. Keep up the good work!!

  6. Tribute to Ackworth is looking good - I've seen this on a couple of blogs - NOW I know where it's coming from :) Love your earthy colours :)

    Sweet Flowers looks gorgeous - again I love your colour choices! You make this design come alive!

    Ah Windows! Thanks for the Etsy link! I went hurrying off to look at the whole design and the original is a well virtually a monochrome in shades of pink?

    These designers should be hiring you to do their colour work for them! They'd sell more designs!

    If I got silly enough to buy Windows, would you work up a colour palette for me? Something that looks like traditional stained glass on black? Or would that not work wth the way the stitches are done?

    1. I'd always be happy to help with colours. I shall be finishing Part 6 sometime this week so you can see how it might look. I'd love to have done it on black but not sure I could do it