Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday 15 April

Couldn't think of a quirky title so I decided on the date instead.  Not very original but there.  The above pic is of one of the tubs I have standing outside my kitchen window.  A bit of colour on the dark wet cloudy days.

Carrying on with the them of pics of my house and gardens.  This is a picture of the drive taken from the front of my drive.  The white in the distance is the front gate.  The drive still needs a lot of work doing on it but slowly slowly....

Finally from the garden are some double primroses.  They really look absolutely stunning at this time of the year.

On the stitching front I only have one picture this week - Part 1 of a SAL run by the Friendly Stitchers Yahoo group (one day I'll learn to do those snazzy links) and designed by Michelle.  I've used (with her permission) a bit of artistic licence here but I'm happy with the results.  The fabric is Polstitches Chocoholic and the threads are Carries.

I have been continuing with my other projects and have started yet another Sticklounge SAL.  This is another design by Angie and called Fleurs et Papillon (Flowers and butterflies).  Mask of Colours goes on unabated and I've also picked up a UFO, a Mystic Stitch design Vin de Provence.  Hopefully pictures of some of these will follow next week.

Have a good week everyone


  1. I love the continuing pictures of your garden and surrounds :) What a marvelous driveway! Yes I'm one of these weird ones who doesn't actually like seeing things being manicured to within an inch of their life!

    Oooh yet another Sticklounge SAL, and Papillon AW80S - you're amazing at keeping up with them all!

    Dawn of Spring looks fabulous!

  2. Lovely pictures of your garden Kaye. Your version of the SAL is looking lovely. :)

  3. Beautiful pics of your flowers, i can see lots of tulips here around as well, hope to have a drive around this coming weekend to see fields of them.

    Lovely start of the SAL.

  4. Love your tulips and primroses. I have been enabled and downloaded butterflies and flowers. Thank you for sharing

  5. Lovely garden! I envy you! I do not have a green thumb! I didn't get the gardening gene! lol! And your stitching is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    Melissa J.

  6. I'd love to see the Provincial Wine piccy, Kay. It brings to mind grapes in the sun. And I can't wait to see pics of Flowers and Butterfly too. Your tulips are gorgeous. I love the vibrancy of them. I'd like your primroses too, but they're yellow, and I hate yellow, lol. Hope you get the driveway sorted to your liking soon.